As a leading independent native timber company, all of our endeavours are directed towards producing and providing an extensive range of high quality New Zealand native timber and high-quality native timber furniture.

New Zealand Forests Ltd is the largest developer of Swamp Kauri – prehistoric Ancient Kauri that has been buried in peat swamps in the north of New Zealand for more than 45,000 years – in New Zealand . All of our valuable, certified Swamp Kauri timbers or logs can be traced back to legal sources, preserving New Zealand’s priceless natural heritage.

We have pioneered the technique of using this oldest workable wood and durable epoxy resin to create attractive, durable, timeless and impressive Swamp Kauri art pieces and fine furniture. Each piece is unique and will beautify your home, office and villa. It was completed over a process of years, which includes extraction, cleaning, drying and workmanship.

New Zealand Forests Ltd – your timber expert, is active in the native timber and native timber furniture business chain from native timber supply including different treatments, furniture design and furniture marketing. We are committed to supply both traders and retailers with the finest quality timber solutions.

Kumeu Kilns is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand Forests Ltd, and has been engaged in the timber drying industry for over fifteen years. It has an established reputation for its first-class timber drying process.

Our Kaitaia log yard occupies forty acres, Kaitaia, adjacent to the highway with easy access for the movement of large loads. On site, there are tonnes of Swamp Kauri logs and stumps, ready to be processed and exported according to each customer’s specifications.

New Zealand Forests Ltd has become well respected for its sound business practices amongst both suppliers and customers. We have long established links with farm owners and forest owners. These reliable contacts enable us to offer customers excellent availability, consistent quality and competitive prices.


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